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Articles and reviews produced about the housing first principle in the Finnish context are still few as the principle is new in Finland and as the traditional housing service models still mainly prevail. This is why for example the European Commission's Peer Review documents about the Finnish National Programme to Reduce Long-Term Homelessness are important inputs for the research about the housing first principle in the Finnish context. Some of the main publications on the theme are gathered on this site. More materials are published as they reach the administrators of the


General reading

Read general Finnish publications related to Finnish homelessness and long-term homelessness and for example the history behind the Finnish homelessness reduction programmes.


International publications

How have the international actors observed the Finnish national programmes to reduce homelessness and long-term homelessness? What are for example the founder and the CEO of the U.S. Pathways to Housing Sam Tsemberis' early observations on Finland’s National Long-Term Homelessness Reduction Programme (PAAVO) and on the implementation of the Name on the door project? Get acquainted with the international publications here.


Peer Review 2010

The European Commission Peer Review process sought to assess the Long-Term Homelessness Reduction Programme adopted by the Finnish Government. Programme aimed at halving long-term homelessness by 2011. The Peer Review examined the programme’s success and exchanged experiences with countries that are implementing or preparing similar national programmes or strategies to reduce long-term homelessness.



24.04.2015 The Own Keys Project by the Finnish NGO Vailla vakinaista asuntoa (NO Fixed Abode NGO) in the FEANTSA Homeless in Europe Magazine spring issue

The FEANTSA Homeless in Europe Magazine discusses Participation: Inclusion, Empowerment and Routes Out of Homelessness. In "Nothing About Us Without Us! The Own Keys Project – People Who Have Experienced Homelessness Develop Services" by Carole Brady, Raija Maunula and Vlada Petrovskaja describe the main themes found out in their project: the importance of trust in cooperation as well as successes and challenges in the work.

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11.02.2015 FACTS, FINDINGS AND THE FUTURE - Seminar on the international review of the Finnish National Program to Reduce Long-term Homelessness

Results from the international research evaluation on the Program to Reduce Long-term Homelessness (2008 -2015), pathways to homelessness in Helsinki and future homeless policies were discussed in a seminar on February 10th, 2015. The seminar was be conducted in English.

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30.09.2014 The evaluation on the Finnish HF Program in 2014

Evaluation on the whole PAAVO program (2008-2015) will be carried out in 2014 as an international research review. The evaluation team consists of distinguished researchers on homelessness issues. The target of the process is to provide information and outlooks on measures in tackling homelessness after the present program period.

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13.08.2014 Seminar 17.9.2014: Perspectives on Housing First in Finland

Preliminary results of the international research evaluation on The Finnish Programme to Reduce Long-term Homelessness

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23.09.2013 Programme to eliminate long-term homelessness in Finland during the period 2012–2015

Information and the ARA´s report "Homelessness in Finland 2014"

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