Homelessness links: research and other links

Here you will find a compilation of actors working with homelessness research in Finland and other topic related pages.



Housing.fi (Asuminen.fi) is a theme portal under Suomi.fi with an English language version including the topics: A Home in Finland, Alternative Housing Types, Everyday Life and Housing, Construction and Renovation, Legislation and Citizenship and Living in Finland. http://www.asuminen.fi/?action=info


The National Institute for Health and Welfare's (THL) Welfare research group conducts research on issues related to citizens' welfare. THL in english

Socca, The Centre of Excellence on Social Welfare in the Helsinki Metropolitan Area develops social welfare services in Finland’s metropolitan area while providing a meeting place for social welfare professionals. http://www.socca.fi/in_english/


Statistics Finland is the only Finnish public authority specifically established for statistics. It produces the vast majority of Finnish official statistics and is a significant international actor in the field of statistics. Statistics describing the building and dwelling stock, dwelling occupancy, the population's housing conditions and occupancy rates etc. are produced under the topic "housing". http://www.stat.fi/til/asu_en.html



23.09.2013 Programme to eliminate long-term homelessness in Finland during the period 2012–2015

Information and the ARA´s report "Homelessness in 2012"

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13.08.2012 The continuation of the national programme

The national programme to reduce long-term homelessness will be continued in accordance with the Government Programme, and letters of intent will be signed with city councils for the period 2012–2015.

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28.11.2011 Short films about homelessness available online

Two short documentaries about homelessness, made for the project "Name on the door", are available with English subtitles.

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01.11.2011 Professor Suzanne Fitzpatrick's seminar presentation at the Finnish national seminar on homelessness

Professor Suzanne Fitzpatrick from Scotland's Heriot-Watt University visited the Finnish national seminar on homelessness, held in Tampere on 18th October 2011.

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30.08.2011 Programme Leader Kaakinen: "it is time to end homelessness"

The Programme Leader of the National Programme to Reduce Long-term Homelessness in Finland, Juha Kaakinen outlines the programme backround and results and the housing first principle in an interview published in the webpage of the Social Innovation Europe.

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