International cooperation

The Name on the door project carries out international cooperation by networking with actors developing the housing first principle in other Nordic countries, Europe and in the U.S. Project employees take part in international events and seminars organised on the topic bringing in information about the applications of the housing first principle in other countries and exporting the Finnish experiences of the principle. Information about the international cooperation and in general international housing first related cooperation news are found in this section.



Housing First Europe: Testing a Social Innovation in Tackling Homelessness in Different National and Local Contexts

In Europe, the relatively new housing first approach to homelessness is currently tested in a number of cities and some evaluations are going on at the local level already. Different intervention methods to re-house homeless persons with complex social and health problems have been tested and evaluated in the U.S. but a systematic evaluation has never been done in any European country before.


A European Commission (DG for Employment, Social Affairs and Inclusion) evaluation and mutual exchange project called ”Housing First Europe” has recently received its financing. The project will test and evaluate housing first projects in five European cities from a European perspective during the years 2011-2013.


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2nd Conference on Social Psychology, Limerick, Ireland, 28-29 April 2011

The Department of Psychology and the Centre for Social Issues Research at University of Limerick organised the second Conference on Social Psychology in Ireland (C-SPI): "A Two-Way Street: Social Issues & Social Psychological Research", between 28th-29th April 2011.


Part of the conference delt with homelessness. In the event five housing first programs from different European countries were introduced. The event continued with a round table discussion about the pros and cons of the housing first principle and its implementation. Discussion was based on the questions addressed by the audience.



National homelessness seminar, Lahti, Finland, 15th October 2010

A national homelessness seminar (Valtakunnallinen asunnottomuusseminaari) was organised by the Housing finance and development centre of Finland(ARA) and the City of Lahti.


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24.04.2015 The Own Keys Project by the Finnish NGO Vailla vakinaista asuntoa (NO Fixed Abode NGO) in the FEANTSA Homeless in Europe Magazine spring issue

The FEANTSA Homeless in Europe Magazine discusses Participation: Inclusion, Empowerment and Routes Out of Homelessness. In "Nothing About Us Without Us! The Own Keys Project – People Who Have Experienced Homelessness Develop Services" by Carole Brady, Raija Maunula and Vlada Petrovskaja describe the main themes found out in their project: the importance of trust in cooperation as well as successes and challenges in the work.

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11.02.2015 FACTS, FINDINGS AND THE FUTURE - Seminar on the international review of the Finnish National Program to Reduce Long-term Homelessness

Results from the international research evaluation on the Program to Reduce Long-term Homelessness (2008 -2015), pathways to homelessness in Helsinki and future homeless policies were discussed in a seminar on February 10th, 2015. The seminar was be conducted in English.

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30.09.2014 The evaluation on the Finnish HF Program in 2014

Evaluation on the whole PAAVO program (2008-2015) will be carried out in 2014 as an international research review. The evaluation team consists of distinguished researchers on homelessness issues. The target of the process is to provide information and outlooks on measures in tackling homelessness after the present program period.

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13.08.2014 Seminar 17.9.2014: Perspectives on Housing First in Finland

Preliminary results of the international research evaluation on The Finnish Programme to Reduce Long-term Homelessness

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23.09.2013 Programme to eliminate long-term homelessness in Finland during the period 2012–2015

Information and the ARA´s report "Homelessness in Finland 2014"

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